Scotch Greens “Professional”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Brass Tacks/ DRT
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The Scotch Greens are Brass Tacks Records’ first band signing, so this is their debut release. By the way, Brass Tack is co-owned by Mike McColgan of Street Dogs. Scotch Greens have a LP out, plus a live album as well. The band was formed in Idaho (of all places), but then relocated to San Diego I think (smart move). The band combines folk/bluegrass music with punk rock & rockabilly and what you get is an interesting CD. The bluegrass rockabilly element seems more apparent in their songs then punk rock.

The band reminds me of Blood & Whiskey meets Throw Rag. I think it’s the banjo that makes me think of those other bands. The vocals are pretty good, sometimes he sounds like Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello..well minus the Ukrainian accent. I’m not really a fan of the hillbilly punk stuff, but others will like Scotch Greens’ distinctive sound. I think the music sounds great, just not something I will want to listen to that much. You can currently check out the band on tour with Throw Rag & Gogol Bordello.

Bottom Line: Interesting band with some cool songs. I think this could have been better though.
Notable Tracks: The Professional, Great Time to be Alive
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