Screeching Weasel “How To Make Enemies & Irritate People”

Album Reviews | Feb 9th, 2007

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Record Label: Asian Man Records
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Another Weasel re-issue, yet another album I haven’t really listened to. This was originally released in 1994, and now it’s been remastered and redesigned. I remember some of these songs from various college punk rock radio shows so I’m not completely out of the dark with this album. Just from listening to a few songs already, I already think this is one of their best albums since ‘My Brain Hurts.’ Songs are poppy, fun, goofy, and well punky. Hmm could there be any more adjectives in that last sentence? But The only negative to this album it’s too damn short. But These guys are truly the pop punk pioneers!

Bottom Line: One of their best albums me thinks, eh
Notable Tracks: Johnny are you Queer, Burnout girl, Kathy isn’t Right, Kathy’s on the Roof Again
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