Screeching Weasel “Weasel Mania”

Album Reviews | Oct 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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This site seems to be Screeching Weasel-crazy lately but that’s not really my fault. Asian Man Records re-released SW’s albums and now Fat Wreck has released a Best-Of album from the band. Screeching Weasel are one of the best pop punk bands ever, even though they think they just play “stupid punk tunes.” This CD contains 34 tracks of pure pop punk mayhem, and a lot of them are so short that you can cruise by this CD is no time. Ben Weasel stated in the liner notes that if he was asked what songs would be on this album, the list would probably change tomorrow. If you get a moment, definitely read the liner notes because it’s pretty interesting with some funny blurbs from the band members.

My favorite Weasel album is 1991’s My Brain Hurts. It just seems like every song on that album was fantastic. The one song I love on that album is “Guest List” and that’s not on here. I just love the guitar riff intro for “Guest List.” Where’s “Veronica Hates Me” though? I thought that one would be on here. I would have definitely picked some different tracks from “My Brain Hurts.” Each album is represented with 2-4 songs each, with the exception of “Four of on the Floor,” the only song from that is “Video.” I’m sure every person has their favorite Weasel songs, and some of them will be on here. But i’m sure you be saying to yourself, where’s that song or why is this one on here!? The band wrote a lot of songs so there’s bound to be some unhappy people. But these tracks were picked by the band members so you’ll have to make due and accept them. This is totally worth getting though, if you are a fan of pop punk rock and Screeching Weasel. If you are new to the Weasel, and want to hear a lot of their best songs in one spot, this is the album to get.

Bottom Line: Great Best-Of album, I just would have done some different songs.
Notable Tracks: Cindy’s on Methadone, Science of Myth, I Wanna Be a Homosexual, 99, Cool Kids
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