Sean Paul “The Trinity”

Album Reviews | Sep 27th, 2005

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Record Label: VP Records
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Follow up to Sean Paul’s mega hit record “Dutty Rock” with hits like “Gimme The Light,” and “Get Busy,” now come new hits “We Be Burnin,” and “Send It On” and featuring a much more heavy club, dancehall vibe to the new album. Stronger, and continuing skyward, Sean Paul has made a record that you can just put on the whole thing and hear it in any dancehall, or club. With his previous hits like “Get Busy,” that is where Sean Paul blew up, and is following that formula with songs like “Ever Blazin,” and “We Be Burnin.” You still get a few reggae tracks like “Yardie Bone” featuring Wayne Marshall, and “Never Gonna Be The Same.” What you get in Sean Paul albums are rapid fire vocals mixed in R&B, dancehall, hip hop and a touch of reggae. A superstar in the reggae-dancehall community, Sean Paul continues his hot streak with “The Trinity.”

Bottom Line: True reggae fans will find this annoying, while most club, dancehall fans will embrace Sean Paul’s latest.
Notable Tracks: We Be Burnin’, Send It On, Breakout, Yardie Bone, Ever Blazin
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