Sexy Neighbors – “Sexy Neighbors”

Album Reviews | Feb 14th, 2011

Record Label: Kings Highway Records
Genre: Post-Punk
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Sexy Neighbors combine jerky, nervous vocals and stop-and-go rhythms with clean, pleasant guitar and organ. The latter goes a long way in smoothing out their arty post-punk, and kept me hanging on to the end.

I probably wouldn’t return to this album, though. Their arrhythmic jerkiness can be unsettling at best, irritating at worst, in an exaggerated Tom Verlaine way. The mellow, melodic guitar and organ sound helps make them listenable, but the organ’s lines are frequently repetitive. A number of needlessly long (5 to 8-minute) songs also work against them, belying pretentiousness over experimentalism.

Bottom Line: Art punk that thankfully isn’t harsh, but still not great.
Notable Tracks: Silent Not Silent, The Chain
Overall Rating:


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