Shane Newville “Formless”

Album Reviews | Dec 5th, 2007

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Record Label: Syntax Records
Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop
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Shane Newville is apparently known for being a hip-hop producer, and on this, his solo debut, he puts together an array of instrumental hip-hop, drum n’ bass, and electronic music. It’s interesting at times, but at 17 tracks and 70 minutes, there’s far too much of it, especially when many of the tracks aren’t much more than a drum loop and a couple of synth sounds. I’m no expert on this type of music, but I know that this guy is no DJ Shadow. Nevertheless, it’s completely harmless and interesting. I’d be curious to see how this guy works with other artists, namely vocalists who could make his music slightly less tedious.

Bottom Line: Decent yet uninspiring instrumental hip-hop.
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