Silverstein “18 Candles: The Early Years”

Album Reviews | May 30th, 2006

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I must say that I’m not a big fan of whiny emo rock. Never was, never will be. Even Weezer was overcome by the sappiness of the entire genre. This album doesn’t do much to sway my opinion of said genre.

I thought that maybe I would be in for a surprise and actually hear something good from Victory Records instead of the same old crap that they play on their infomercials on Fuse. Nope. Not here. I swear that the first eight songs start off exactly the same. The guitar riff and the slow drumbeat are exactly the same. I can’t really pay much attention to the vocals because the lead singer is very irritating and grates on my nerves. I’m not even talking about the screaming that appears on some of the later songs. Gotta love pre-pubescent girlie screaming in a very boring song. Really gets the juices flowing I tell ya. Most of the songs are just that…boring. There are a few faster songs on there but don’t start making any NOFX comparisons just yet. Or ever.

Even though this album is what you may call terrible, if I were giving it a rating based on just the lead guitar parts, this album would get five stars. I’m sorry to say that I’m not. But when the guitarist finally gets the chance to let loose, it’s pretty amazing and this is supposed to be the early stuff.

Something that I wish other bands would do which is included in the linear notes or “18 Candles” are notes the songs and these early releases in particular. I like to know what’s going on in someone’s mind or in their life when they write or record a song or an album.

You can chalk this review up to my dislike for just about everything on Victory Records or for my hatred for slow emo rock. Either way, I wasn’t very fond of both Silverstein’s sound and this album in general. I always seem to be in the minority when it comes to personal opinions but nine out of ten dentists agree that you should avoid “18 Candles: The Early Years” at all costs unless your musical tastes are fed to you through a TV tube.

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Notable Tracks: Wish I Could Forget You
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