Skeptics “Hearts & Spades”

Album Reviews | Oct 10th, 2005

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Record Label: Third World Industries
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I believe this is the first release from Third World Industries, a new record label started by Mark of Thick Records and Joe of Sonny & The Modern Day Saint. Initially, I was kind of wary of listening to this band as soon as I put the first song on…BUT I got to say, this isn’t all that bad; in fact, it’s actually pretty damn catchy. It’s a little poppy for my taste but the music isn’t THAT sappy. The vocals tend to get whiny or too poppy but the band sounds great. Plus, There are some choruses that will get the kiddies screaming at their shows. There’s a lot of tracks that have an indie/emo rock sound to it, so I wouldn’t really put the term punk to their name. There are a few heavier tracks though but I still wouldn’t consider the Skeptics a punk band. I wouldn’t necessarily want to see this band live or anything like that, but this Cd wasn’t as bad I was thinking it was going to be. If you are curious to hear the Skeptics, check out their MySpace page:

Bottom Line: Decent pop rock band with some elements of punk, indie and emo.
Notable Tracks: Behind Close Doors, Cold in California, Lock & Key
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