Skylar – “Skylar”

Album Reviews | Apr 6th, 2006

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Record Label: Do the Dog Records
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Skylar are from the UK and have a reggae & traditional ska sound in the same vein as Bedouin Soundclash, The Beat, Chris Murray and I suppose the Slackers. The band has a soulful sound to their music as well but i’m not sure I’m liking it. The quality of the recording almost makes the band sound worse. I know why bands like to record in low-fi but sometimes it hurts them in the end. I’m not really a fan of the vocals and not sure he’s fit for this type of music. He does sound better for more faster tunes though but he has no harmony at all. Maybe he sounded better in his old band, Howard’s Alias but his vocals makes me not like this. I also don’t like slower ska that much and tend to get bored with it. But if you like low-fi trad ska & reggae, Skylar is something to check out. Visit their website at

Bottom Line: Low Fi quality turns me off, and so does the vocals. This could have been a lot better.
Notable Tracks: Don’t Tread So Fast, No regrets
Overall Rating: