Sleeping, The “Questions and Answers”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Victory Records
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Emo dance rock? Um okay, works for me. What is happening to me, actually liking something Victory Records has released! I was starting to get scarred for awhile (honestly, I still am). But I think The Sleeping sound different than most of the other bands out there in the scene. What scene that is, I don’t know. Melodic harcore? Emocore? Dance rock? I don’t know!

It’s hard to describe this band; I guess imagine Tim from Rise Against singing for a Panic! At the Disco type of band. The Sleeping sound a little bit tougher than Panic! though. The band has super catchy choruses like the opening track “Don’t Hold Back.” After I heard that song, I knew I was going to at least finish this album instead of skipping through each track. I’m not necessarily going to listen to this album again but at least it doesn’t make me turn it off. The band is really whiny but with this type of music, I think it’s kind of fitting. I wouldn’t really like this type of vocal style for a “punk” band but it works here. I think the guitar beats and chorus part of the songs are the best and catchiest. Sometimes the album gets a little too emo for me but others will dig it. It gets more “post-hardcore” towards the end of the album and less danceable alternative rock. Overall, I’m surprised I liked some of these songs so I’m sure all of you will eat this up on a plate.

Bottom Line: If you like emocore, melodic hardcore and dance rock you’ll like this band.
Notable Tracks: Don’t Hold Back, 3 Cigarettes, Who Stays Behind
Overall Rating: