Smoke Like A Fish “Here’s One We Made Earlier”

Album Reviews | Jul 30th, 2005

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Smoke Like a Fish’s previous CDs were great; bouncy 2 tone ska music, that you just don’t hear over here in the States that much. This album is from the ‘early years,’ which includes demos, and music from their EPs and self released CD. There’s some interesting songs on the CD including a cover of The Clash’s Bankrobber; which appeared on a Clash Tribute album called ‘Clash Version Rockers.’

I didn’t really like this album as much as their newer stuff because this just seems like experimental and junkier songs. Sometimes hearing demos of certain bands is cool, but sometimes it just not as good as the material that makes it onto the final product. Sort of similar to DVD Deleted Scenes. They were deleted for a reason. I was disappointed with this album, but I hope the band releases a new album with new songs soon!

Bottom Line: If you never heard of Smoke Like a Fish, get their self titled album first and then get their other CDs.
Notable Tracks: The Price, Bankrobber, Re’dic’u’lie, And De Girl
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