Smoke Or Fire “Above The City”

Album Reviews | Mar 22nd, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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This is Smoke or Fire’s debut album, and their debut on Fat Wreck. They were formally known as Prince, I mean Jericho. They had to switch their name because of some whiny Christian rock band that doesn’t exist anymore. So they settled with Smoke or Fire.

If I had to put them in some sort of genre, I guess it would be Post-hardcore. It’s more punk that emo, but better than screamo. I can’t tell genres anymore… Too many name changes, and it all winds up sounding the same. There’s some screaming, some singing, good riffs, good pauses. Not much else to say. Kind of generic, yet they have good sound.

Bottom Line: There were some good songs on here, but could have been better
Notable Tracks: California’s Burning, Goodbye to Boston, Point Break
Overall Rating: