Snapcase “End Transmission”

Album Reviews | Jun 3rd, 2008

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Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Hardcore
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Victory veterans Snapcase has just released possibly their greatest and most innovative work. For a genre that thrives on a lazy, nearly non-existent approach to songwriting and arrangements, Snapcase stands out as THE thinking man’s hardcore. Indeed, End Transmission seems to be a concept album about a bleak future society and its opposition (or maybe I’m just projecting my own 2112-loving wishful thinking).

Regardless, this album is successfully ambitious in scope and vision, not just breaking through, but completely obliterating the static hardcore mold. It takes a lot to impress me, and I’m impressed.

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Coagulate, First Word, New Kata, ID/Hindsight (which sounds like a hardcore version of Pachelbel’s Canon)
Overall Rating: