Snuff “Numbnuts”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Cords
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I love these guys, and I was not let down with the newest from the British band, Numbnuts. It’s kind of back to straight forward punk rock on this one. There are less of the more catchy songs like “Thief” and “Nick Motown,” and more of the aggressive in your face (I really dislike that phrase) punk, but I am not upset. This is a really good album. If you like Snuff, especially the stuff off of “Snuff Said” then you will love this new one. 14 tracks in all, each one as energetic as the last. “Reach,” “Pixies,” and “Fuck Off” are some highlights. Good quality, and loads of fun. Enjoy.

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