Sons Of Azrael “The Conjuration Of Vengeance”

Album Reviews | Sep 15th, 2007

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Record Label: Metalblade Records
Genre: Death Metal
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Haha, oh man. This generic death band has vocals that bounce between super growly monster and high-pitched Labyrinth troll. It’s so ridiculous, it’s really hard to take seriously. For instance, during the first track, the funny gremlin-troll vox is like, “You can ruuuun… but you can’t hiiiiide!! For you will diiiee… toniiiight!!” He kind of sounds like Beavis as Cornholio singing Metalocalypse lyrics.

The lyrics are gory but too juvenile to be disturbing or shocking (if that’s their intent). But if you like Carcass or Morbid Angel, Sons of Azrael isn’t too far off.

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