Soundtrack – “Caddyshack: Limited Edition”

Album Reviews | Jan 25th, 2010

Record Label: La-La-Land Records
Genre: Soundtrack

Caddyshack is a comedy classic, and it’s a movie I always have to watch when it’s on TV; even though they censor the crap out of it. I’m also probably one of the few that likes the sequel Caddyshack II as well. But the first movie is perhaps one of the most quotable movies out there. “It’s in the hole!” The soundtrack to Caddyshack has been out of print for years and has never been on CD, until now! This CD is limited edition from La-La-Land Records and only 1500 copies are being pressed. So I guess this soundtrack will be out of print soon enough (again).

The soundtrack features 2 songs on here that I think are classic movie songs. The first is “I’m Alright” from Kenny Loggins, whose songs were featured throughout the movie. The other song is “Any Way You Want It” from Journey. Journey always stood out from the others because of the funny scene when Rodney Dangerfield plays his golf bag stereo while on the golf course. Besides Kenny Loggins and Journey, Johnny Mandel’s score is also on the soundtrack. His score is featured at the end of this 10 track soundtrack. There’s really not much else to say, you all should have seen Caddyshack by now and know some of the music in the movie. If you like the music, be sure to get this soundtrack before it becomes out of print again.

Bottom Line: Most of the songs on here are great, some are duds though.
Notable Tracks: I’m Alright – Kenny Loggins, Any Way You want – Journey, Mr. Night – Kenny Loggins
Overall Rating:


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