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Album Reviews | Jun 6th, 2006

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I’m 50/50 when it comes to Pixar soundtracks. I LOVED the Toy Story soundtracks, along with A Bug’s Life. But I wasn’t fond of Monsters Inc and The Incredibles soundtracks though. I still think the best score to date is Finding Nemo, thanks to the brilliant composing of Thomas Newman. This time, Randy Newman is back to score Cars. As long as he doesn’t sing, I’m fine with it!

The first half of the soundtrack is filled with some songs that I like, some I don’t. Some of the songs are just not my style. I did like songs from Chuck Berry (“Route 66”), James Taylor, and The Chords. Rascal Flatts do a cover of that song “Life is a Highway.” I thought it was the original but then the chorus sounded different. Come on, I don’t know who the original singer for that song is! The last half of the soundtrack is the film score by Randy Newman. “Opening Race” starts out like a normal score from Newman, and then busts out some rock n roll riffs. It was an interesting track. A Hank Williams’ song is on after the “Opening Race” and since I haven’t seen the movie, I’m sure the song is associated with Larry the Cable Guy’s character. I love Randy Newman scores because when I hear them, they make me think of Pixar movies. They just have that sound to me. I hope they release a full score album from Newman because it’s really good!

Bottom Line: Decent songs from various people and a great score by Randy Newman
Notable Tracks: I like tracks from: Hank Williams, Chuck Berry and The Chords. I like the score tracks: “Opening Race,” “Dirt is Different,” and “Goodbye.”
Overall Rating: