Various Artists – “Lords of Dogtown: Music from the Motion Picture”

Album Reviews | May 24th, 2005

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I haven’t seen this movie yet but I hear it’s pretty good. The soundtrack has a lot of cool music on it and I’m sure it fits the movie well. The opening song for the soundtrack is Social D covering The Clash’s “Death or Glory.” They sort of do a classic rock version of the song (it seems) but sounds great nonetheless. Though obviously, nothing beats the original. Most of these bands I’ve heard of, but actually never heard a lot of these tracks. I’m old but not that old haha. I’m honestly not sure why Social D & Rise Against are on this soundtrack when most of these songs are classic rock tunes. But I guess punk rock was around this time, and this is a movie about skaters afterall..I can guess why Rise Against are on here, because they are with Geffen Records and Geffen wants to showcase them to the kiddies. Rise Against do an awesome cover of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown.” The song was produced by The Descendents Bill Stevenson by the way. Some the classics on the album include “Fire” from Hendrix, “Iron Man” from Sabbath, “Suffragette City” from Bowie and….”Maggie May” from Rod Stewart. This is a groovy soundtrack that will probably make a lot people crave some doobies, and I’m not talking about the band.

Bottom Line: Classic Rock and Punk? Cool!!
Notable Tracks: Death or Glory, Fox on the run, Fire, Nervous Breakdown, 20th Century Boy, Maggie May
Overall Rating: