Soundtrack “Matrix Revolutions”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Don Davis finally got a full release of his work on a Matrix CD with barely any bands playing on it. There’s only one band playing and it’s Pale 3 with “In My Head” and that was blah. The Cd starts off with the usual Matrix opener with “Main Title.” The “Trainman Cometh” track is really quiet at first and then gets really loud. Probably when the Subway with the Trainmen comes into the train station. I really liked the “Tetsujin” track featuring Juno Reactor. It’s the song that plays before and during the Club Hell scene with Seraph, Trinity and Morpheus. You can just tell from the music how epic and big Don Davis was trying to make this score, and I believe he used a gigantic orchestra to score the film. Besides the normal themes coming from Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus; Don Davis created some new ones as well. The Trinity and Neo love theme is really prominent, especially in tracks “Road to Sourceville” and Trinity Definitely.” The theme has taken a turn and sounds a bit different and if you saw the movie, you will know why. When I heard the music in the trailer, I knew it had to be from the new movie and I was right. The Track “Neodaemmerung” sounds VERY EPIC with the chorus singing at full blast. It’s Great! You’ll be hearing that song play in trailers for awhile now I bet. “Navras” is the remixed version of “Neodaemmerung” that Juno Reactor does, and it plays at the end credits and it sounds freakin’ awesome! It’s 9 minutes or so and it features Indian singing and goes back and forth with the Choir singing. I couldn’t imagine this CD being any better, it rocks.

Bottom Line: If you liked the previous scores, this isn’t one to skip out on.
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