Sparta “Threes”

Album Reviews | Nov 5th, 2006

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Record Label: Hollywood Records
Genre: Indie Rock
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This might be the most mediocre band I’ve ever heard. Not necessarily bad, but there is absolutely nothing on Sparta’s third album that stands out or makes them any different than any other indie-rockin-post-punk-dudes with guitars music. They can clearly play their instruments to a successful degree and their songwriting craft is not bad but by no means good. Basically, why would anyone really know this band if they weren’t the non-afroed guys from At The Drive In (and the Mars Volta did actually diverge from mediocrity by sucking way more). There’s really no point at all to own this record there are so many similar bands out there who have something really interesting to offer. It’s not that Sparta have nothing it’s just that whatever they have won’t rock either of my socks much past my ankles.

Bottom Line: It’s very average. Not in a bad way, but not in a good way, either.
Notable Tracks: They all sound the same to me
Overall Rating: