Specials “Guilty ‘Til Proved Innocent!”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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OH YEEEEAAAH!!!! Another excellent album from the kings of 2 Tone, The Specials. This CD is ten times more ska than last CD. I still liked the last album but this CD is a lot better. More horns and more upbeat ska songs. Neville isn’t the only one singing on this album; there’s one of the white members but I don’t know which one. Sometimes he sounds like Terry Hall. There’s a total of 18 songs on here, including live tracks of “Rat Race,” “Concrete Jungle,” and “Gangsters.” Other songs that I liked were “It’s You,” “Call Me Names,” ” Bonediggin,” ” Keep On Learning,” “Running Away,” “Stand Up.” The song “Fantasize” has excellent keys in it. This CD is a MUST GET!!!

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