The Specs “Declaration of Independence”

Album Reviews | Nov 23rd, 2005

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The Specs are a six piece that hail from Hillsdale, New Jersey. At first I thought that they were going to have that ska/punk sound but the band comes off more like emo with horns. The Specs sound like some of the later Five Iron Frenzy stuff minus any ska. The band can definitely play and even managed to surprise me with some harder stuff and they even through in a cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up for good measure but it wasn’t enough to merit another listen.

Declaration of Independence seems like it is a self released EP. Much props to the Specs if it is. I respect any band that puts the effort into releasing something of good quality on their own agenda even if I’m not a fan of their musical style. Like I mentioned before, the quality of the disc was excellent. Declaration of Independence could possibly be considered a full length since it contains eight tracks but it does run short on time.

If you followed the end of Five Iron Frenzy’s career or the lead singer’s other band, Roper, then you’ll probably like the sounds of the Specs. Personally, it’s not the type of music that I enjoy listening to.

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Notable Tracks: Straight Up, Good Luck (This Time)
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