Spring Heeled Jack – “Sound Salvation”

Album Reviews | May 1st, 2017

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Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Rock/Ska
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“Sound Salvation” marks the first album for Spring Heeled Jack since “Songs From Suburbia” waaaaaaay back in 1998. Nearly 20 years later it’s obvious that they’ve decided to move on from being known strictly as a third wave ska punk band as “Sound Salvation” finds the band treading in some waters that their fans might not have expected to get a taste of.

If I were to make a comparison of the variety of sounds found on “Sound Salvation” I would easily compare it to the Pietasters album “All Day”. It’s funny that I mention that because the Pietasters’ own Steve Jackson does guest vocals on the track “Slip Sliding”. There’s a taste of soul, some blues, hard rock and even some twangy country music throughout the course of the album, but the band hasn’t forgot their ska roots. Songs like the album opener “Keep Me Up”, “MCMXCVI (1996)” and my favorite track on the album…the guitar driven rock/ska number “St. Anthony” fill throw all of you rude boys and girls back to 1997 in two steps flat.

I’ll have to admit that I was expecting something different from SHJ since they were such a staple of the third wave ska movement but what “Sound Salvation” has to offer is the sound of a band moving forward with what they want to play on their terms. People change. Musical tastes should vary as much as your taste palette. It’s just good to have Spring Heeled Jack back in any way shape and form. I’m sure that “Sound Salvation” will find its way into my regular rotation much like the bands other albums.

Bottom Line: While a definite sound departure from their first two albums, “Sound Salvation” makes its own mark in the SHJ sonic catalog. Blues, rock and soul take their place among the pop punk and ska that fans have grown accustomed to.
Notable Tracks: Keep Me Up, St. Anthony, Slip Sliding, Waiting For You
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