Steel Train “Twilight Tales From The Prairies Of The Sun”

Album Reviews | Jun 18th, 2008

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Record Label: Drive-Thru
Genre: Folk
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What. The. Fuck. Sure, I like Simon & Garfunkel, and yeah, I suppose I don’t mind steel guitar, but why is this crap on a punk label, and why wasn’t this released 35 years ago when someone might’ve given a crap about it?

Every single thing is wrong about this album. A bunch of scruffy kids doing folk covers? And it’s not even cheekily ironic? And it’s on Drive Thru? What the hell is going on? I am so confused and sad. Only listen to this if you like the Grateful Dead, and then kick your own ass for liking the Grateful Dead. This album makes the baby Jeff Goldblum cry.

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