Stephen Lynch “The Craig Machine”

Album Reviews | Oct 4th, 2005

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Record Label: What Are Records
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What can you expect from someone as talented as Stephen Lynch? Another hilarious album filled with demented, sick and friggin funny songs that are for the one’s who actually have a sense of humor. This goes for the people that aren’t afraid to laugh at things like ugly babies, Nazi girlfriends, and Craig Christ (Jesus’ bro, didn’t you hear?)

On a side note, check out Stephen Lynch on tour, because you’ll get a better picture of how fun his songs and shows are. With great banter between his buddies who tend to join the stage like Mark Teich, and Rod Cone, Lynch really gets the crowd into as well. Also, Lynch will be performing on Broadway this winter, doing a musical take on The Wedding Singer. Perfect for such a role, because Stephen Lynch has an excellent voice and great comedic timing. “The Craig Machine” has 15 tracks, and while it’s not his entire set, the show was recorded live in New York. Hearing new tunes from Stephen makes you wonder, what the hell is he going to sing about next. Priests, “Special” friends, farting, and now Jesus/Satan songs, along with a tunes about a French man, sorority girls and Albinos.

Bottom Line: A great follow up to his last album “Superhero,” “The Craig Machine” is filled with clever, laugh out loud songs that rivals every comedian out there.
Notable Tracks: Beelz, Baby, Craig, Pierre, Halloween
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