Stiilpoint “Bleed Every Note”

Album Reviews | May 23rd, 2007

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Record Label: Southern Metal Records
Genre: Grunge
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This is one of those bands that amaze me with their irrelevance. I almost admire bands that could be this out of touch.

Stiilpoint sound like a hard rock band from the 80s that somehow time traveled into the future and discovered Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, then went back to their own time to emulate the sound, but failed to pin down that je ne sais qua that only worked in that brief flash of time and angst we know as grunge.

In other words, this is really corny, dated bar rock.

The musicians aren’t bad, and their approach is earnest, but hearing them pour their hearts out over dark distortion and midtempo sludge is somewhat embarrassing. They’re the kind of band that puts their soul into their music and never gives up that dream of making it big, even though they’re pushing 40 and still playing the local dive bar, talking wistfully about how they’re gonna get that gig in the city, and you’re just listening partly out of pity but mostly because it’s 2-for-1 shots night.

Stiilpoint, keep the faith. You can’t give up your dreams, because that’s the only thing you have.

Bottom Line: My ears bled every note.
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