Streetlight Manifesto “Somewhere In The Between”

Album Reviews | Nov 18th, 2007

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Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Ska
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Out of all the Streetlight Manifesto albums released, this one is probably the strongest. Sure, having the band re-do “Keasbey Nights” is cool, but this one is the best of original Streetlight Manifesto albums. Just the overall product is really good with lots of catchy tunes. Tomas’ vocals hasn’t sounded better and the horn section sounds TIGHT! Some songs go longer than they should but maybe I just have A.D.D. Besides trimming down the song lengths, I think the band should stay away from the slower songs. Their style is just more fitting for fast ska punk songs. But be sure to pick up this new album from SM and also check out the band in a town near you!

Bottom Line: Streetlight Manifesto’s best album to date!
Notable Tracks: We Will Fall Together, Down Down Down To Mephisto’s Cafe, What a Wicked Gang Are We
Overall Rating: