Strength In Numbers “The Veil”

Album Reviews | Mar 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Ironbound
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South Jersey metal hardcore that sounds real good! There are duel vocals (one screeching, one singing normal). Sometimes bands do this and it doesn’t work. It seems to work for Strength in Numbers though because either singer doesn’t sound out of place. I wasn’t expecting much when listening to this CD, until I put on the first track and liked what I heard. The music is fast, and the screaming is awesome. Its there to sound metal enough but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

I like the last part of the press release that I got. It pretty much sums up how feel about most screamo, “post hardcore” bands. It said “While most of today’s metalcore’ bands seem to be more concerned with who wears the tightest t-shirts or how many ways to refer to dying or blood in their band name, Strength in Numbers actually focus on the music…and it shows.” It just seems like all music scenes are one big fashion show and that shit needs to stop. Thankfully Strength in Numbers doesn’t concentrate on their looks and gets down and gritty with their music. I recommend checking these guys out, or buying this album.

Bottom Line: Great metalcore band from South Jersey. I was surprised I liked this so much.
Notable Tracks: Gods of War, Times Not Wasted, Momentum
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