SUB HUM ANS “Live In A Dive”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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I was really happy to hear that Fat Wreck Chords was gonna have the Subhumans do a live album for their successful “Live In A Dive” CD series! They are one of my alltime favorite punk bands and I saw them a few years ago at the now closed down Coney Island High in NYC. For those you don’t know who the Subhumans are, they are UK political punk band from the 80s, and members have gone on to form the other great band Citizen Fish. Both bands are pretty much the same except a different guitar player. Subhumans usually gets back together to tour and then the members rest a little afterwards, and then go play in Citizen Fish. They have been doing the duel band thing for awhile now it seems. This live CD sounds great and the quality is top notch. There’s 26 tracks on this CD, and most of these tracks are the Subhumans’s best. I wish I went to this tour last spring but I was in Florida on vacation. If you put the CD in your computer, there’s also a live shot of the band playing “New Age” and then Dick and the band talking about something. I couldn’t really make it out haha. But I really hope Subhumans and Citizen Fish release some new Cds soon because there is still a lot to sing about these days. Any Subhumans/ Citizen Fish fan wouldn’t want to pass up this awesome live CD.

Bottom Line: Amazing punk band that everyone should listen to and see live.
Notable Tracks: “All Gone Dead” “Waste of Breath” “Parasites” “Religious Wars” “Drugs Of Youth”
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