Suburban Legends – “Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are”

Album Reviews | Sep 17th, 2013

Record Label: Rock Ridge Music
Genre: Ska
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Have you ever wanted to hear your favorite Disney show tunes/theme songs played in a third-wave ska fashion? No? Well screw you, I do and Suburban Legends are more than happy to comply.

“Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are” is one of the most brilliant and creative third-wave ska related ideas that Reel Big Fish didn’t do first…yeah yeah yeah they sang about Pete’s little Dragon…so what? That doesn’t count because they tried to hide that song deep within the bowels of the interwebz.

Anywho, somewhere in California the members of Suburban Legends sat down between writing catchy pop-influenced third-wave inspired ska songs and decided to record a six-song EP of their favorite Disney songs. And it’s not just “Hakuna Matata” and “It’s A Small World” over and over again. While some of the songs are easily recognizable to casual fans like the theme to Duck Tales and the seminal Randy Newman uber-hit from Toy Story, “You Got A Friend In Me”, but some more obscure tracks from Pocahontas and A Little Mermaid. The arrangements are creative and in done in the Suburban Legends mold while managing to maintain a familiar and recognizable sound.

So you hate ska and you think that Disney songs are for little girls and guys in hot pants? Well then this EP is obviously not for your demographic. If you DO happen to enjoy the wonderment of Disney tunes old and new, then you will undoubtedly have and unabashed good time with “Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are”.

Bottom Line: Two worlds collide for one hell of combination. Suburban Legends manages to breathe some new life into some classic Disney songs.
Notable Tracks: Duck Tales, Kiss The Girl, Beauty And The Beast
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