The Supervillains – “Grow Yer Own”

Album Reviews | May 30th, 2006

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“Grow Yer Own” is the third album from the pot-obsessed drunks from Orlando, Florida. And I would have to say that this is their best album yet. I don’t know why (maybe I was in a hard rock mood that day) but I didn’t like this album upon first listen. After a couple of listens in a row and a few more after that, I’ve come to the assumption that I am mentally retarded. That’s my story and I’m…eh, that line sucks ass. Anyway, on with the review.

It’s really been a while since I’ve heard a newer band that still likes to play a crazy psycho style of ska infused punk music. I’m totally thinking of the Mad Caddies while listening to this album. It’s also very diverse in terms of both musical styling and lyrical content. You have your punk songs, some slower reggae/ska, some off the wall crazy-fast ska songs as well as some Mexicana, some funk and some dub. The band writes about getting stoned, getting drunk, the war in Iraq, the life of a prostitute, and the joys of relationships. This album is all over the place and I love it. The band also sounds tighter as a group then they have on their other two albums. This is evident with the wider range of musical styles and influences that appear more on this album than ones in the past. I was quite fond of the fast ska songs since it seems like forever that a band from Florida has played fast ska music (Less Than Jake, Against All Authority). I’m also a big fan of bands that like to make a good album that isn’t ten tracks and only a half an hour long. Why do bands always have to cut things short like that? If you have 18 songs, don’t cut out 6 of them for whatever reason. Put them all on there dammit! I never did get the notion of “it didn’t work well as an album with four extra tracks” which really means “we need stuff left over so that we can put something on the B-side of a single”. Who the hell buys singles anyway? Anywho, “Grow Yer Own” doesn’t cut you short. Fourteen tracks and a little more than an hours worth of listening pleasure. Thanks guys for stretching it out with little regard to filthy B-side sales!

Are you missing that third-wave psycho ska sound in your life? Do you feel the need for some grooving bass lines, wicked guitar work with upstrokes out the ass, crisp clean horns that satisfy your soul, and an all around energy-filled good time? “Grow Yer Own” is the place to go. This is probably one of the best ska/punk/reggae albums that I’ve heard in a couple of years. Don’t worry Florida; the ska is back in the sunshine state.

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Notable Tracks: 20 Excuses, Little Girl, Ex-Girlfriend, Get Out Da Way
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