Suzuki Smith “Amber Alert”

Album Reviews | Mar 17th, 2008

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Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Punk
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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Suzuki Smith is DIY to the bone. In place of your typical pre-packaged corporate record label bullshit you get a CD-R with a photocopied sticker label, album inserts that were color copied at Kinko’s and cut out with an Xacto and a sticker…and I fucking love it!

“Amber Alert” is the second release from this three-piece from Boston. A handful of songs were released on their first release, “Wife Beater” but there are some new gems on this album as well. The disc starts off with the title track, “Amber Alert” and grabs you by the balls for thirty plus minutes without letting go. The songs are simple yet effective. There are your street punk anthems (“Kamikaze Irishmen”, “Punk Band”), your buzz saw punk rock (“Get Out! Get Out! (Johnny’s Song)”, “I Will”) and your catchy, RAMONES style, almost-but-not-quite pop punk song (“Amber Alert”, “Wife Beater”).

Overall, “Amber Alert” has a better flow to it and a tighter sound than “Wife Beater”. The recording is much better yet doesn’t compromise the raw sound that the band is shooting for. The energy and intensity is there and this time around Suzuki Smith isn’t going to just punch you in the face, they’re going to rip your face off!

Bottom Line: Intense Boston punk rock reminiscent of Slapshot and Murphy’s Law.
Notable Tracks: Amber Alert, Wife Beater, Kamikaze Irishmen, Punk Band
Overall Rating: