T-Virus “Horror Thir13teen”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Record Label: Blood And Guts Records
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T-Virus. Does that sound familiar to any video game freaks out there? How about track three on this album titled “Resident Evil”. Yep, that’s where T-Virus got their name. At first I thought that the title was just a coincidence, but after hearing a song about Raccoon City, the T-Virus and zombies I knew that the band was paying tribute to one of the greatest video games of all time.

T-Virus hail from Sweden and play a horror punk/rock and roll style of music with heavy influences from the Misfits, AFI and Goth metal music. If you remember the late 90’s incarnation of the Misfits, think of that heavier sounding punk/metal with Danzig-like vocals and the occasional guitar solo here and there. The songwriting harkens back to some of the earlier Misfits songs that relied less on direct horror movie references and more on scaring the shit out of everyone who didn’t know what the band was about. The Curse, Monster, and Caroline could have possible been written by Danzig during the “Walk Among Us” sessions. The Cannibal Song could quite possibly be considered Braineaters part deux.

T-Virus isn’t a complete Misfits rip-off though. Like I mentioned before, the songs are original and the band has its own metal edge to it that the original Misfits never really had. They’re not as blatantly hardcore as AFI nor are they as mainstream sounding as My Chemical Romance. It’s a combination of the best parts of each band with just a touch of Swedish metal sprinkled in.

I would have to say that I was impressed with “Horror Thir13teen”. I put off listening to it due to the fact that I thought that they would either sound like My Chemical Romance or play some kind of weird Gothic synth-metal. As soon as I put T-Virus in, they immediately caught my attention. The album has a fast pace to it with non-stop in-your-face punk rock n’ roll, infectious melodies, and yes my friends…a song about Resident Evil. Top-notch fellas!

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Notable Tracks: They Came Marching Out Of Hell, Resident Evil, You’re Not Alone, The Cannibal Song (We Eat People)
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