Teen Idols “Nothing To Prove”

Album Reviews | Aug 25th, 2007

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Record Label: Fueled By Ramen
Genre: Pop Punk
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Another great power-pop-punk release and probably their last. Teen Idols, I hardly knew ye. Even though they’re well known, it wasn’t until I saw them open for the Queers recently that I heard their stuff and got hooked.

Album to album, Teen Idols got progressively poppier and better, and their new one is their best. “Read Between the Lines” is a straight-up power-pop masterpiece, as are most of the other songs (especially “Another Time”, “The Longest Walk”, and “Waiting For You”). A few tunes ARE pretty damn cheesy, and while I can understand some begrudging Teen Idols for losing their punky edge, I prefer the cheese.

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