Tension Wire “Rips, Punctures, Tears, & Fractures”

Album Reviews | Aug 25th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Punk
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I reviewed this band four years ago (and I know because our mediocre review is in their press kit! Wooo! That never happens, because we hate everything and our reviews suck), and I’m surprised that their recording quality hasn’t improved.

Drums are too loud, vocals are either mixed too loudly or too softly, guitars are always buzzing along forgotten in the background. It disappoints me because the band has improved over time, playing a harder, simpler, Descendents-style punk rock instead of eclectic pop-indie rock.

Someone gives these guys a budget, a producer, and maybe a few hugs – I’m confident they’ll rock all of our socks off given a few bucks and a little TLC.

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