Terror – “Forever Crossing The Line”

Album Reviews | Oct 25th, 2008

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Record Label: Trustkill
Genre: Hardcore
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Terror is an LA hardcore band that I only just got into last year. Besides having a new full-length out, they also released an ultimate collection album on Trustkill Records, which is the review you’re reading right now. The album contains 17 tracks including some live and unreleased material.

The album liner notes has writings from various hardcore bands like Hatebreed, Lifetime, Sick of it all, Madball and others. They talk about Terror and praise the band. They definitely are becoming one of my favorite hardcore bands. This album is great for people just getting into the band or people that want a great mix of songs from Terror.

Bottom Line: Excellent collection of tough guy hardcore songs
Notable Tracks: Strike You Down, Always The Hard Way, All For Revenge
Overall Rating:


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