The Aquabats! – Kooky Spooky In Stereo

Album Reviews | Aug 27th, 2020

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Record Label: Gloopy Records
Genre: Rock/Punk
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“Kooky Spooky In Stereo” is the super rad superhero rock band’s sixth studio release. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, the band was able to fund this release along with new episodes of the “Super Show” as well as a follow up album to this release.

The band continues honing their fun, lighthearted and goofy Devo-influenced sound found on their previous couple of releases. This time out though, they find the time to resurrect their ska roots with a couple of bouncy ska tracks in “Aliens and Monsters!” and “Pajamazon!”.

As with any Aquabats! Release, you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of an overly active imagination in the best of ways. There are songs about the skeleton inside you (“Skeleton Inside!), kung fu masters (“Karate Body! Parts 1 & 2) and immortal love interests (“She’s Gonna Live Forever!) to name a few. If you can’t have a good time listening to the Aquabats! then you need to check yourself at the door.

While “Kooky Spooky In Stereo” is short and sweet, I found it one of the most diverse sounding albums in their catalog. From Devo-esque electronica rock and 60s sounding synth rock to tongue-in-cheek hip hop and punk rock…to the revival of their classic third wave ska sound complete with horns played by former band members (!)…there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Right now, the world needs more of the Aquabats!!!

Bottom Line: “Kooky Spooky In Stereo” is just the thing that the CDC ordered to cure that pandemic depression. The Aquabats! deliver one of their best albums to date.
Notable Tracks: Skeletons Inside!, Aliens and Monsters!, Pajamazon!, Sneak Attack!, The Walk Off!
Overall Rating:


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