The Beatdown – “Walkin’ Proud”

Album Reviews | Oct 20th, 2012

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Skinhead Reggae
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The Beatdown’s follow-up to their self-titled album is Walkin’ Proud. Just like their debut album, Walkin’ Proud is more of the same, which fine by me!

If you never heard of The Beatdown before, they hail from Montreal and have a 70’s gritty skinhead/ska reggae sound. Bouncing keys, harmonica, great guitar riffs, and raspy vocals. For some reason, this album is better to me. The first album was great but I think the songs sound a lot better.

The first track “No Man” is okay and has a bit of a Slackers feel to it. I prefer songs like “Long Road” though, which is second. “Gone For Good” mixes in a little bit of soul, which always sounds good when you blend reggae and ska with soul. Just ask the Pietasters. The one thing I noticed on the Beatdown’s new album is the surfy guitar playing. I particularly noticed the guitar on “Get It Started” for it’s surfy riffs and Spaghetti Western riffs on “The Other Side.” With a lot of albums, sometimes they get bogged down at the end but I found most of the songs at the end better than the first half. Go figure.

Between Beatdown’s two albums, check out Walkin’ Proud first and then listen to their self-titled debut. But honestly, they are both fine albums.

Bottom Line: Awesome follow-up to their debut album
Notable Tracks: Long Road, Gone For Good, Leave Me, The Other Side, Demain Jamais
Overall Rating:


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