The Leftovers – “Eager To Please”

Album Reviews | Oct 5th, 2009

Record Label: Crappy Records
Genre: Pop Punk
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The Leftovers are one of the better bands in the current power pop crop (though that might not be saying much). The Leftovers channel the benevolent surf rock side of the Queers, themselves channeling the Ramones when they channel the Beach Boys. The Leftovers get back to basics, not so much through vocal harmonizing, but through feel-good, G-rated, beach party energy.

“Eager to Please” does disappoint, however. I wouldn’t say the tunes are mediocre, but outside of two or three standouts, they lack distinction and sound interchangeable. In some ways, this album feels like a collection of B-sides and throwaways from 2007’s superlative “On the Move.”

Hopefully, The Leftovers will return to glory, as they are the current hope to take real (read: not emo) pop punk forward.

Bottom Line: Great pop punk band but catch them live instead.
Notable Tracks: Lost and Found, Telephone Operator
Overall Rating:


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