The Levellers – “A Weapon Called The Word”

Album Reviews | Feb 11th, 2011

Record Label: OTF Recordings
Genre: Folk
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A few years ago, The Levellers reissued most of their albums and remastered the tracks. They also added some songs to the albums as well which was very cool to do. But for some reason, they never reissued A Weapon Called The Word. Of all of the Levellers’ albums, that’s the one that needed it the most. The Levellers have finally re-released A Weapon Called The Word and got the remastered treatment, plus added some songs and different versions of songs already on the album.

It’s hard to review an album that you constantly listen to all the time and try to come up with something new to say. The remastered production of the album is fantastic and glad they finally came around to fixing this up. Hearing such live favorites like “Carry Me,” “England My Home” and “What You Know” in nicer quality really makes the song that much stronger. Those tracks are good and all, but I still prefer the opening track “World Freak Show,” plus “I Have No Answers” and “No Change.” Many of these tracks were written so many years ago, yet they still feel fresh and relevant today. That’s one aspect of the band that I always loved; that their songs never sound dated. Even if they were, its not like I would stop listening.

Besides the remastered CD, there’s also an old tour video DVD from 1991 included which is a nice surprise. I always love watching old Lev videos. The additional songs (“England My Home “,”I Have No Answers”, “Barrel of the Gun” and more) were from a BBC Session for Mark Goodyear. This reissue is a must for Levs fans because you haven’t heard this album sound any better than right now!

Bottom Line: One of the best Levellers albums finally gets remastered and hasn’t sounded better!
Notable Tracks: World Freak Show, Carry Me, I Have No Answers, No Change, Blind Faith, England My Home
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