The Meow Meows – “Friends On Benefits”

Album Reviews | Jul 9th, 2015

Record Label: Jump Up Records
Genre: Ska
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“Friends On Benefits”…a three song EP that comes standard on vinyl but includes a digital release…is the latest release from this UK ska/soul outfit.

I’ve never had the luck of hearing the Meow Meows before, much to my dismay. Here it is, three songs into to my first listening experience and I’m hooked. I’m reminded of early Dance Hall Crashers mashed up with the Scofflaws.

The first track, “Friends On Benefits” is a very catchy, danceable third wave sounding ska track, and is my favorite of the three songs contained on this EP. Track #2 is titled “London Road” really draws the Scofflaws to mind with its’ wicked horn parts and the eerie vocal vibe going on throughout. The third and final track is the tongue-in-cheek “Tits & Hatred” which focuses on society’s focus on sex and violence.

I would highly recommend the Meow Meows to any ska enthusiast young and old. They seem to be influenced by all three waves of ska and manage to mix it together into a fresh sound that is full of energy and excitement.

Bottom Line: With dual female vocals and a horn section straight from the heavens, this Brighton 9-piece has plenty to offer any ska fan.
Notable Tracks: Friends On Benefits, London Road, Tits & Hatred
Overall Rating:


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