National Rifle “Wage Life”

Album Reviews | May 20th, 2008

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Record Label: Self Released
Genre: Indie Rock
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Did you ever hear an album that sounded like the whole thing was stuck on the first track? “Wage Life” by the National Rifle is one of those albums. Every song seems to have the same guitar riff, the same vocals and the same 1-2 drum beat. Sure, the band tried to add some diversity, but throwing in some random keyboards and sax doesn’t really qualify as diversity. Oh yeah, and there’s a life track included on this EP as well. Guess what? It sounds almost exactly the same as the six album tracks. Go figure…they’re from Philly.

Bottom Line: Seven songs that sound the same…and that sound is boring.
Notable Tracks: Baby Stole My Gun, which sounds like Girls At The Clinic, which sounds like…
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