The New Rochelles – “It’s New”

Album Reviews | Jan 21st, 2013

Record Label: Bright & Barrow Records
Genre: Pop Punk

Whatever happened to the days when the pop punk genre was ruled by leather jacket-wearing, snot nosed brats like the Queers and Screeching Weasel? I miss those days too.

With “It’s New” the New Rochelles try their darnedest to take us back to the days of melodic one minute long snotty pop punk songs about leather jackets and skunkapes. At 12 songs that clock in at around roughly 14 minutes total I find “It’s New” ends before it even really gets started. I’m reminded a lot of Screeching Weasel’s early Lookout years mixed in with the harmonies and melodies of the Queers and, of course, the Ramones. Anyone that knows anything about those three bands is familiar with what they have in common.

“It’s New” sounds like an album from another era in regards to the label of pop punk, which means something totally different than it used to. The songs are short and sweet, goofy and immature, catchy and melodic…and it’s some of those things that also hurt the album. Some songs are really good, but end much too early. Once you start getting into a favorite track…BAM it’s over and now its two songs later after you blinked.

Even though “It’s New” is a full length yet it’s short and sweet, it’s one fun, kickass album. You can get over the fact that it is so short. Just play it again…and again…and again.

Bottom Line: Fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, the Ramones, the Queers and Screeching Weasel should definitely check out the New Rochelles. Fans of All Time Low and Paramore can just go to hell.
Notable Songs: This Is My LJ, Did Something Bad, Watch Out For the Skunkape, Quit Giving Me the Stinkeye
Overall Rating:


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