The Resignators – “See You In Hell”

Album Reviews | Apr 2nd, 2011

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Ska
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The skankin’ The Resignators hail from Melbourne, Australia and broke into North America during SXSW last year or so. They have played in Canada and United States during certain tours, as well as played a ton in their native country. Stomp Records should be thanked for releasing this album, since this is a top notch ska punk album. It’s just not every day I get ska albums sent to me for review, so this was a pleasant surprise.

From just hearing “See you In Hell,” their title track and first track on their album, I knew I would like this band. The vocals are good, the horns are awesome, and the beats are bouncy. One track that stood out was track 4, “Sins of the Father,” which slows things down a bit to a reggae-ish ska song. It’s still a song you can dance to, but it’s something about it that I really like. Things pick up again right after that with “Taco Burrito.” The rest of the album is just as good as the first half. I couldn’t find one bad song on here really; just a good ska album!

Bottom Line: Like Ska? Check out The Resignators from Melbourne!
Notable Tracks: See You In Hell, Sins of the Father, 64 Reasons Why?, Booze and Tattoos
Overall Rating:


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