The Venomous Pinks – “We Do It Better

Album Reviews | Feb 27th, 2017

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Record Label: SquidHat Records
Genre: Punk
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The Venomous Pinks just play good old-fashioned kick your teeth in punk rock and roll. There’s some hardcore, some street punk anthems, some Ramones-esque punk and even a little bit of distorted ska thrown in.

“We Do It Better” is the latest EP from the Phoenix female four-piece and, being my first experience listening to the band I definitely like what I hear. It’s one of those punk EPs that is way too short for its own good and before you know it, it’s over before it started and you’re left wanting more.

If you’re looking for a sample of something that’s one part Hellcat Records and one part Lookout Records, the Venomous Pinks and “We Do It Better” is here to satisfy that urge.

Bottom Line: Being a punk rock EP it’s obviously way too short but that doesn’t take anything away from the kick ass songs found on “We Do It Better”
Notable Tracks: We Do It Better, Radar, Nightmare
Overall Rating:


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