Thin Lips – “Riff Hard”

Album Reviews | May 9th, 2016

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Record Label: Lame-O Records
Genre: Indie Rock/Grunge/Punk
Band Link: The Thin Lips on Facebook
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Hailing from the city of Brotherly Love, the Thin Lips meld rock riffs, punk energy and a gloomy grunge sound into a nice little ten song package.

With influences that rely heavily on 70s guitar rock and 90s alternative, “Riff Hard” comes off exactly as the title says…the music is edgy, full of guitar riffs and punk rock energy. Some songs will have you playing your air guitar (“I Wonder”, “No Obituary”) while other songs will have you wanting to tie a flannel around your waist and watch the cold rain on your window sill (“What’s Wrong”, “Yup”).

To try and easily categorize the Thin Lips sound would be an injustice to the band but to me they sound like KISS had a love child with Veruca Salt right around the early 90s punk boom. It’s an interesting amalgamation that seems to work out quite well. “Riff Hard” is a good listen that takes you on a journey through different genres while bending them all the way. The lyrics are personal and introspective yet smart and interesting…there really isn’t any filler here.

Bottom Line: The Thin Lips manage to mix a few genres together to create a sound that would fit right in during the heydays of the underground 90s movement.
Notable Tracks: Never Again, I Wonder, What’s Wrong, Yup
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