Thomas Newman “Finding Nemo”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Walt Disney Records
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This is the first time that Randy Newman hasn’t scored a Pixar movie. Though his cousin Thomas Newman steps in and does a great job. His score fits the movie really well, and it sets the mood for a lot of the scenes. Newman’s usual style is heard in a few tracks but mostly he composed something new & original and exciting too. The theme of the score is nice to listen to, and it’s kind of a sad, depressing song to hear but I really like the theme. The last track is “Beyond the Sea” Robbie Williams and he does an excellent job of covering the song, and even sounds like Bob Darin in the track as well. One of my complaints about the score is that the tracks are too short, and they could have smushed that 40 tracks into fewer longer tracks. But I’m very please with the final product of the score and the movie.

Bottom Line: Oh yeah, Thomas Newman keeps composing some truly wonderful scores.
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