Three Minute Warning – “Tramps Jackpot”

Album Reviews | Apr 24th, 2006

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Record Label: Do the Dog
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Give props to Do The Dog Music for showcasing some unbelievable European ska bands and not letting up. They keep putting out albums from ska/2tone bands I never heard of it and then I become an instant fan. Glad to see they are staying the course and releasing nothing but ska. Keep it up guys!

I think this is Do the Dog’s best album since Smoke like a Fish’s “debut” album! I knew this band was going to have a kick ass sound with just listening to the first few notes of their first song “Weekend Waster.” I’m listening to this at work right now and it makes me want to start skankin around the office. Of course I might be fired but hey, at least I can say I got fired for skankin’! The band reminds me of the Hotknives, Smoke Like A Fish, The Specials and Rancid. Those are some pretty damn good bands to be compared to. The keyboards in the song sound excellent and really drive the songs. That’s why the Hotknives come to mind. Not really sure why I think Rancid sounds like these guys, it might be their ska-ish songs that make me think 3 Minute Warning sounds like them. What I like most about this band is the bounciness of the songs. I just love the bouncy ska stuff! The only negative part about this album is there are only ten songs. But what you get is a solid album with each song sounding great! If you are looking for some new ska bands to listen to, any ska fan will like 3 Minute Warning! I definitely recommend checking these guys out. ORDER IT HERE

Bottom Line: One of the best ska albums to come out in awhile.
Notable Tracks: Weekend Waster, The Ripper, TV Is On
Overall Rating: