Thulium – “69” EP

Album Reviews | Aug 22nd, 2010

Record Label: AKA Music / Universal
Genre: Grunge
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Hideous grunge from the UK that channels the cheesiest aspects of Christian-style nu-metal, and that’s at their best. The riffs are corny and the rhythm section simplistic, but you will immediately recoil from the vocals: the singer does the over-sensitive, singing-in-a-hushed-voice thing, which I had hoped died out with the ‘00s.

There are mercifully only three songs on here. The first is a dull grunge track; the second is a radio-friendly rocker circa whenever Nickelback was popular; and the third is a lengthy piano ballad with hair rock guitar solo that makes “Silent Lucidity” sound like “Master of Puppets.”

Book them for your next party if you hate your friends.

Bottom Line: The worst thing to come out of Britain since Guy Ritchie.
Overall Rating:


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