Tony Curtis “Ready For The World”

Album Reviews | May 13th, 2005

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Record Label: VP Records
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Vocalist Tony Curtis, is back, with his first record in 3 years since his hit album “Stronger.” A perfect blend of lover’s rock, roots reggae, R&B, and gospel, Tony Curtis is “Ready For The World,” just like his album title states. After being known to only reggae crowds, Tony is ready to take on the rest of the world as he expands his vocal abilities and repertoire. With sure fire hits like Angel, I Want You More, and Sleep With Me, I bet they will be hits with Da Ladies. The guy will perform these songs live and the ladies will just throw their underwear at him. Not just a record filled with love songs, Tony Curtis also preaches peace and unity with songs like “Let’s Live.” Messages of unity are more relevant than the past ten years due to fighting in the middle east. A world united is a tough mission to maintain and practice but through consciousness, it could be done.

Bottom Line: Relaxing and peaceful, Tony Curtis is back with a strong album that fans will certainly enjoy. Check out the tracks with Johnny Osbourne and Mahlon Stewart guest starring.
Notable Tracks: Angel, Follow Me with Johnny Osbourne, I’ve Got To Get It
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